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2013 campaign volunteers

This list recognizes the volunteers leading our effort throughout the campus community. If you have any questions, please contact a volunteer from your work group or the KSU Foundation by contacting Lindsey Oakes at 785-532-7584 or


* indicates volunteer is a 2013 All-University Campaign co-chair.


Administration and Finance

Darwin Abbott, 532-7275

Steven Galitzer, 532-5856

Cheryl Grice, 532-6277

Toynia Smith, 532-5413

Donald Stubbings, 532-6412

Ann Marie Treinen, 532-4346


Alumni Association

Crystal Danker, 532-5080

Tamie Redding, 532-5070



Shalee Lehning, 532-6970

Jill Shields, 532-6620

Charles Thomas, 532-7608


Communications and Marketing

Kim Baccus, 532-4238

Evelyn Dakken, 532-3102


Continuing Education

Kathryn Harth, 532-2495*

Rachel Schafer, 532-2524

Maleah Lundeen, 532-3119



Al Seely, 532-1733

Loleta Sump, 532-1718

Mark Taussig, 532-1732

Terri Wyrick, 532-1781


KSU Foundation

Brett Larson, 532-7519

Hayli Morrison, 532-7576


Graduate School

Scott Schlender, 532-6191

Carol Shanklin, 532-7927


Information Technology Services

Adalee Brenner, 532-7075

Zachary Burns, 532-2993

Rebecca Gould, 532-2298

Kelly Moon, 532-6520


K-State Libraries

Robin Brown, 532-5397

Tara Coleman, 532-7414

Asha Muthukrishnan, 532-2198*


President and Provost Offices

Linda Lake, 532-5712


Research and Sponsored Programs

Anita Fahrny, 532-6804

Beverly Page, 532-5045


Student Life

Ben Kohl, 532-6420

Kiley Moody, 532-6318

Scott Velasquez, 532-5642




Mike Brouk, 532-1207

Kevin Donnelly, 532-5402

Allen Featherstone, 532-4441

Curtis Kastner, 532-1234

Ernie Minton, 532-6148


Research and Extension

Daryl Buchholz, 532-5820

Gloria Holcombe, 532-7133

Susie Wilkinson, 532-3073


Architecture, Planning and Design

Michael Gibson, 532-1174


Arts & Sciences

John Briggs, 532-0140

Jerry Frieman, 532-0607

Eric Maatta, 532-6665

Jennifer Robertson, 532-3298

Tim Steffensmeier, 532-6860

Frank Tracz, 532-3818


Business Administration

Kevin Gwinner, 532-2783

Melanie Horton, 532-7227

Bente Janda, 532-4287

Molly Myers, 532-6296

Pam Warren, 532-6184*



Mechelle Martinez, 532-5524

Be Stoney, 532-3531



Larry Erickson, 532-4313*

Keith Hohn, 532-4315

Russ Murdock, 532-5964

Bob Peterman, 532-7612

Brenda Schaffer, 532-6027

Megan Whitney, 532-5428


Human Ecology

Nancy Hansen, 532-5023

Kim Hiller, 532-3084

Shawna Jordan, 532-0151

Jeannie Sneed, 532-5507


K-State Salina/College of Technology and Aviation

Bill Gross, 826-2970

Kaleen Knopp, 826-2908


School of Leadership Studies

Monica Strathman, 532-0673


K-State Olathe

Debbie Kirchhoff, 913-541-1220


Veterinary Medicine

Gail Eyestone, 532-4005

Priscilla Roddy, 532-5663

* indicates volunteer is a 2013 All-University Campaign co-chair.

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Contact Lindsey Oakes, 785-532-7584 or