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2013 Advancing K-State 2025 stories


K-State graduate studies relatively unexplored topic

During her time at Kansas State University, Jamie Ansley explored the effects of drama therapy on hemodialysis patients. She was among the first in the world to study such a topic. Read more.


K-State student-soldier is flying high

Not many of us can say that we have made an 830,000-pound hunk of metal fly, but for Bryan Brooks, it is just another day on the job. Read more.


Track athlete prepares for lifelong success

Whether on the track or in the classroom, Cenarda Jackson is continually learning. Read more.


Senior leaves sustainable mark on K-State

Family ties enticed Jarred Pfeiffer to consider coming to K-State for his master’s in fine arts-ceramics, but it was the opportunities he’d be afforded that sealed the deal. Read more.


A passion for teaching and art

DeeAnn Turpin has made quite a mark during her college career, delivering a message of sustainability to the K-State campus and around the globe. Read more.


Reading, writing and social media

Denise Durham is conducting research that may prove that social media is helping, not hurting reading and writing skills in students. Read more.

Brianne Pierce

Shaping tomorrow

The number of people being diagnosed with neurodegenerative diseases and cancer is climbing at a rapid pace. Brianne Pierce is doing her part to change this growing trend. Read more.

Ross Allen

Making the world a better place

Ross Allen’s passion and dedication to community development has led to his recognition as a 2013 Newman Civic Fellow. Read more.

Christina Spartz

Setting the standard

With K-State’s vision of becoming a top 50 research institution by 2025, Christine Spartz is setting the standard for other undergraduate students at K-State, and she is ready to accomplish even more. Read more.

Art of memories

K-State student bring memories back to life

A group of K-State students found a creative way to not only activate an unused space, but also give people the opportunity to share their memories with others. Read more.

Snow Innovation for tomorrow

When an old way of doing something stops working, the country relies on our best and brightest to innovate new technologies. Kyle Snow, a junior in chemical engineering, is doing just that.  Read more.


Students lend a helping hand

After an EF5 tornado hit Moore, Okla., K-State student Jerred McKee coordinated a team of students to help with the relief efforts. Read more.

Harper, Hoetmer and Cunningham

K-State students win big

Students like Kylie Harper, Derek Hoetmer and Kevin Cunningham are making K-State’s vision of becoming a top 50 public research institution by 2025 a reality. Read more


Aileen McDaniel 

Inspired by her father's battle with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and by the bone marrow donor who saved him, Aileen McDaniel is helping K-State students become registered bone marrow donors. Read more

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