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Our commitment to diversity

It is not enough for us to say we will not discriminate. It is our legal and moral obligation to take positive action to ensure the full realization of equal opportunity for all who work or seek to work for the foundation. The leadership of the foundation is committed to and reaffirms its support of the principle of equal employment opportunity and will conduct its recruitment and employment practices in conformity with this principle and in accordance with the policy. The foundation is serious about providing opportunities for all employees to flourish, regardless of what makes them unique. Such actions can only result in raising the quality and competence of our staff. 

Defining Diversity

Diversity at the KSU Foundation is defined broadly to include group differences with respect to age, race, gender, religion, disabilities, color, national origin or any other consideration made unlawful by applicable law; and individual differences such as personality and work style, education, career experience and other variables. Our goal is to create an environment that is inclusive, drawing upon the strength of the diversity of our workforce to exceed the expectations of those we serve and enhance the success of the foundation.

The leadership of the foundation believes attitudes change when people have a chance to interact with one another, learning about and appreciating each other’s differences while recognizing the fundamental likenesses that unite us as human beings. The foundation will strive to create a working culture where a diverse group of individuals promote, participate and function as unprejudiced professionals.  Actions that contradict our desired culture of acceptance, teamwork and respect for fellow individuals and programs will be penalized in order to pursue the aim of establishing a corporate culture that embraces all aspects of diversity. 

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