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Telefund caller profiles

Anna GAnna Grauer 

"Giving back to K-State means you are proud of your school!" Read more.

Chelsea WilsonAl Basha

"Being a caller is perhaps one of the best learning experiences I've ever had." Read more.

Chelsea WilsonChelsea Wilson

"K-State loves each and every student, alumni and faculty member. It’s like we are one great big family!" Read more.

Brandon Keller

Brandon Keller

"Family, friends and EMAW are the three words I use to describe K-State!" Read more.

Rutherford Sanford

 Rutherford Sanford

"Strive for perfection, so if you fail you will fall on excellent." Read more.

Courtney Taylor

Courtney Taylor

"To me, philanthropy means supporting a cause that is important to you." Read more.

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